Make a difference with your DNA 17/06/21

At Sano, we believe in a future where medicine is personalised to you, and we need your help to build it.

Play a role in future discoveries in mental health, the immune system, rare disorders, and more, while discovering how your DNA affects you.

Upload and control your DNA data to:

Animation showing how to toggle ask/allow options for sharing basic information in future studies. The same applies to the medical history survey. You can also delete any of the responses you provide.

  • Gain access to cutting edge research
  • Explore free personalised genetic reports
  • Choose where and how you share your data

No data? Be the first to know about opportunities for free DNA sequencing

Animation showing part of a survey asking about the users medical history: 'In your lifetime, have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following types of conditions? Click all that apply.' The user checks and then unchecks 'Blood related conditions: E.g. Anaemias, Coagulation defects'.

Play a role in future discoveries

  • Sign-up for world-leading research studies
  • Contribute to developing new treatments
  • Learn more about your genetics and health
See current studies
personalised report animated scroll

Animation showing the user scrolling through reports. They have uploaded DNA data, so the reports are personalised to them. (We have designed the charts we use for reports to be accessible using a screenreader.)

Explore personalised genetic reports

  • Access free reports on how your genetics influence health and traits
  • Browse personalised data visualisations
  • Learn about the genetics of physical traits, sensory reactions and specific conditions
See reports

Supporting World-Class Research

We are working with some of the best research institutions in the world, including:

Imperial College London
University of Cambridge
University of Liverpool
University of Manchester

Our promise

Our core value at Sano is transparency. From how we handle your data to how we operate as a company, we are committed to complete honesty. Here are our promises to you.

Episode 1May 2, 2019

Who are Sano Genetics?

In this episode, Patrick Short (CEO) discusses our platform, our current research projects (on eczema and psoriasis) and our plans for The Genetics Podcast.

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